Gutenberg test page

I'm building this page completely using gutenberg. Theoretically, I could also use the classic editor. Ok, making an edit with gutenberg.

I added this paragraph using new tinymce - which I'm accessing via the 'classic' editor.

I'm looking for an "easier" editing solution for my clients, then having to use Oxygen to edit their regular pages. So, I have a heading and some text - let me add an image in a column next.

Here's my favorite lizard pic to the left. here's some text to the right of it. let me type a bit more so that the text wraps. There ya go.

The above 2 column row of lizard and text displays properly as a webpage and in gutenberg. But it does not display properly here in the classic editor.  The columns are vertical. So I'm going to re-create the lizard with text in a 2 col row below:

some more text to the right of the larger happy lizard - built using classic editor

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